tick tock

Tick Tock: Part 1

A/N: oh my god i can’t undo what i’ve just done to myself. this might not make you guys any less mad at me. angry!hook may be my new permanent muse. i cut it off because this was turning into a beast of a ficlet and i some homework i have to do before i write anymore.

feels warning.


The room had been quiet. David was off duty, and the only noise that filled the room was the quiet ticking of the station clock. He hadn’t made a sound as he snuck up behind her, the cold metal of the hook pressing against her throat.

A sharp gasp escaped her throat, and she instantly reached for her gun, only for her hand to be seized and held against her chest. He maintained his grip, and her heartbeat raced to the same tempo of his pulse on her skin. She shivered, but chalked it up to the icy feel of the hook.

“Hello, beautiful,” he whispered bitterly.

A curse tumbled from her lips as she managed to arch her neck up to look at him. His eyes were lined with rage, but there was an undecipherable twitch to his eyebrows. If she didn’t know better, she would say it was almost…sad.

“Save it,” she snapped. Tick tock, the clock whispered between them.

He chuckled darkly. “I was impressed, I must admit. Stealing my ship,” he said finally. Her eyes narrowed. What was he playing at? “Granted, when I told you that you’d make a hell of a pirate, I hadn’t yet factored in your efficacy for commandeering. Love, if you wanted to join my crew, you needn’t only asked.” He was teasing her! While he held a weapon to her throat! She wanted to hit something. Preferably him.

“Who said I wanted to be a pirate?” She shot back testily, her blood boiling.

“Nice coat,” he murmured dubiously, raising a mocking eyebrow. He may have had the advantage, but no hook matched the daggers in her eyes.

“What do you want? Quit messing with me. Are you here to kill me for putting a damper on your revenge?” Even Emma was surprised by the taunt on her tongue. What the hell was she doing, trying to goad him into it? Oddly, as wildly as her heartbeat ran, she couldn’t chalk it up to fear. She knew he wouldn’t hurt her, or he would’ve already.

The hooked arm had been relaxing until she said that, and he pulled her closer, his lips against her ear.  “I should,” he hissed, releasing her hand to ghost his fingers through her hair.

That was the move she’d needed. She rammed her elbow into his gut, hard, and he doubled over, clutching his stomach. She spun around as he recovered, whipping the gun from its holster at the same time he unsheathed his sword. They stood squared off, her gun aimed and his sword brandished.

Tick tock, the clock warned.

His lips twitched. He was noticeably trying hard not to smile, and by the time she realized it, she caught herself doing the same. Simultaneously, they both wiped the offending looks clean off their faces, tensing.

“Bit of advice, buddy,” she said finally, almost smugly. “I’m the one with the gun here. You’d better quit.”

At that, a grin broke clear across his face. “We could always do things my way, love, in a fair fight of brandished swords,” he quipped, his tone laced with implication.

“Not happening,” she laughed, clicking off the safety of her gun.

His face sobered at the sound. “Then, my dear Emma, it seems we’re at an impasse,” he said, the darkness returning to his voice.

“Yeah. That.” Suddenly, the gun felt heavy in her hand, a quiver snaking up her arm, but she held her ground.

Tick tock, the clock hissed.

“Why are you here?” Emma asked, her eyes narrowed, surprising herself. “If you wanted to kill me you would’ve.”

“Same could be said of you, Swan,” he shot back sarcastically, but he’d already given himself away. Emma knew diversion tactics when she saw them. Despite herself, she began to lower her weapon.

“Don’t change the subject.”

He seemed to be unaware of the step he was taking towards her, his sword falling to his side. “I wasn’t, darling.”

“Okay, then answer me, smart guy. We both know why you’re here, so just shoot.”

Hook’s eyebrows shot up his face, and that offending smirk ghosted the corners of his lips. “Was that supposed to be funny?” He mocked. He was still stalling, and they both knew it. At her silence, a dark cloud passed over his face.

“Why did you stop me from skinning my crocodile? How could you possibly protect him, after all he’s done?” He was stifling a sigh. The anger, the taunts held nothing against the sheer disappointment that lined his words.

Emma’s throat instantly ran dry. She’d known that was what he wanted to ask, and even if she’d pulled the truth out of him, she still wasn’t prepared for it. “I—” Somehow, revealing to him that Gold was now a member of her family seemed impossible.

But he wasn’t going to let her finish, even if she could muster up a response; he’d opened Pandora’s box now, and his frustration was visibly building. “How could you leave with him, Swan? Do you have any idea how bloody reckless that was? You have no idea what he’s capable of.”

Her eyes darted to his hook, so quick he almost missed it. His eyebrows knitted together, and she suddenly realized how closely they were now standing. Tick tock. “What circumstance could possibly be deemed worthy of putting your security in that monster, let alone your lad’s?”

He ran his eyes over her face, taking in the worry that had overcome it. His eyes narrowed as the hammering in her heart overpowered the ticking clock. Open book, he’d called her. He traced his fingers along the collar of her coat. “What aren’t you telling me, Emma?”

She hated him for treating her gently more than she ever could hate him for fighting her. If his tone had been accusatory, she might’ve not caved. If he hadn’t looked at her so sadly, she might’ve kept the truth to herself. Instead, she had to go and open her goddamn mouth.

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