tick tock

here, have a snippet

I’m (re)writing a angry!hook fic in hopes it will soothe any anger with me for being a tease. also, i’m on airplane with nothing else to do for six hours, so.

— —-

The room had been quiet. David was off duty, and the only noise that filled the room was the quiet ticking of the station clock. He hadn’t made a sound as he snuck up behind her, the cold metal of the hook pressing against her throat.

 A sharp gasp escaped her throat, and she instantly reached for her gun, only for her hand to be seized and held against her chest. He maintained his grip, and her heartbeat raced to the same tempo of his pulse on her skin. She shivered, but chalked it up to the icy feel of the hook.

 “Hello, beautiful,” he whispered bitterly.

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