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Anonymous asked: "It's a freaking maybe okay it doesn't mean Ed so stop jumping the gun. Emma and Neal are shooting a romantic scene on a beach get over yourselves. Maybe doesn't mean anything."

Lol you mean this beach scene that has this excerpt:

“This is Michael Raymond-James’s ‘big scene on a rainy beach’ with Jennifer Morrison yesterday on Third Beach in Stanley Park. Sorry Swanfire fans. This doesn’t look particular romantic.


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  1. i-swear-on-captainswan said: OK anon, keep telling yourself that.
  2. lady-silverblood said: yep, yep, just as I predicted
  3. leefaye said: I don’t see any hugging or kissing, I’m not sure why these CS haters attacking you anyways because they are standing in the same place? That is not romantic.
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