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Anonymous asked: "How do you think Marian will be portrayed in the beginning of the season? Didn't Lana say she knew Regina killed Marian before she even came back and that's how she was playing the scenes with Robin?"

I don’t remember Lana saying that, but that would be strange, given that Marian told Emma that she didn’t dare share her name in hopes of keeping her family safe. So…source?

Regardless, in the 3x22 commentary with Adam and Eddy, they said that Marian is meant to give a face to all the nameless violence Regina inflicted, and I believe that’ll hold true. The real upside to the love triangle is that I don’t think Marian is going to be a vilified character; if anything, she’s the victim in this scenario, so it’s a very different perspective, because….we don’t want to root for the victim. 

I’m optimistic it’ll be handled maturely and giving all 3 characters justice. 

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Hey friends PSA, I just saw that the OUAT pilot is free on itunes!

Some other pilots are on there too, including Scandal, The Good Wife, The Blacklist, and Sleepy Hollow.

Just go to the TV shows page :)

i’ve never had this brought up to me, but it occurred to me that some “nervous nellies” might actually be just confused people whose first language is not english.

so—if i was ever a bit harsh in my sass with you as an anon, please know it’s because i assumed you were just a usual anxious anon. 



Anonymous asked: "Top three favorite hook lines GO!"

"until i met you"

"oh, there’s a good use of our time……a wardrobe change"

"just two ships passing in the night then / what do we say we set sail?" / basically anytime he makes a self-reverent and/or sailing pun 

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Anonymous asked: "Why is being compared to a hot mess a good thing?"

you’re missing the point

they said it was messy

but that they hoped

it was



come on people 

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Once Upon a Time New Season 4 Promo. (x)

Oncers who aren’t part of the Rumbelle fandom right now: