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Anonymous asked: "I feel like the show will end with Emma and Killian's wedding, and just after they say their vows some big baddie will interrupt and be like wassup? And then fade to black. BOOM. Talk about coming full circle. It'd be the biggest parallel of all!"

honestly yes i definitely agree

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Anonymous asked: "do you think we'll find out the meaning behind emma's tattoo this season? i have a headcanon that the thing in her past that's holding her back may be linked to the tattoo, thoughts?"

Oooohhh thanks for reminding me of that! Reminder, on the tattoo:

it’s definitely a youthful decision on her part but ends up being meaningful in the long run.


Eddy Kitsis: It’s the same flower that’s on her father’s crest, but how she got it and why she chose it is probably not something we’ll get to this year*.

*note: this was an interview about season 2




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Anonymous asked: "Do you know what Robert said on the last Two Lies and One Truth. I can't understand the last one he says. Something about a knife..?"

edit: swapping the knife? 

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Anonymous asked: "Do you think Elsa's gift to Anna is the Jolly Roger?"

Timeline wouldn’t fit with that. When Hook traded the Jolly Roger, Elsa was technically still trapped in the vase. 

That said, there is the filming spoiler of the Jolly in it’s indoor set, but who knows in what capacity we’ll see it again. 

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Anonymous asked: "I saw the Rumple being blackmailed spoiler. I hope its not Hook that blackmails him. I mean Colin did say he was going to do some interesting stuff this season and to remember he's still a pirate. But honestly what would he really have to gain if it was him. To me that would push Emma away not help to get her.I hope its Regina or someone else who do u think it is?"


It’s not Hook blackmailing Rumple. First of all, in the finale he told Rumple from the past “Why don’t we just bury the hatchet?” — his revenge is done. Hook punched the past version of himself b/c that’s NOT who he wants to see with Emma. It’s not Hook blackmailing him, I promise. So don’t worry your pretty head. Hook snapped his hook into place right in Emma’s face in NYCS and giggled and said, “That’s more like it, isn’t it Swan?” — he knows the hook doesn’t bother her and she would NEVER make him feel like it does to even give him a reason to be desperate enough to have his hand back.

I 100% think it’s Regina. When they were watching the footage in the jail of Zelena dying…Regina made a suspicious face like she knew the footage was being messed with. And Lana said she’s got a plan and it wouldn’t be the first time she tried manipulating him into doing something. I mean like Regina is going to have ANY sympathy for Rumple’s situation when she feels like her happy ending was just stolen from her. She is the one who is going to be sad and desperate, not Hook.

I think it’s much more likely that Henry finds Hook’s hand and gives it back to him. And with the wardrobe change and his hand returned to him, I think it’s going to give him pause…and I also think it opens the door for a beautiful moment between he and Emma where she lets him know that she sees him, really sees him, for who he is and it doesn’t matter what he’s wearing or if he has two hands or one.

Could be Regina, or it could be any one of the other characters we haven’t met yet. Hans, whoever the frick Elizabeth Mitchell is, hell—even Elsa, who was his prisoner for god knows how long. There are a lot more realistic options than Hook at this point.


Troy AU series: Compilation

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Helen Achilles | Adonis | Aphrodite | Andromache Hector AgamemnonCassandra |


Treat her well,

                        buy her flowers,                                 

clean the dishes,

                                a n d  g i v e  h e r  a  l o t  o f  l i t t l e  h u g s

He’d heard the tale before, of course. He was a pirate. It was his bloody job to know all the lores of treasure and gold. 

But he’d firmly written off this one as nothing more than that: mythology. Tales told to children to teach them a lesson, or a fool’s errand created to throw someone off the scent of the real treasure. 

He lowers his mug of ale, his dark eyebrows rising slowly on his forehead. “The golden goose? Are you daft?” He chuckles, waiting for the old man across from him to break. To sweat, to smile, to shake—any sign that he would be lying.

Instead, he merely laces his fingers and scoots his chair in. “Captain, I swear ya’ I’m not. I seen her wit’ me own eyes. Sittin’ in her tower on a fine pile o’ gold. Only she’s no goose.” His voice drops to a whisper, and despite himself, Hook can’t help but lean in closer. The old man’s eyes stretch wide open. “She’s a swan.” 

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